Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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At Holy Trinity, we believe that the study of mathematics should be rich and stimulating, engaging and fascinating learners of all ages, interests and abilities. Mathematics should be ‘real’ and meaningful; provoking questioning, reasoning and enabling children to develop problem solving skills.

We believe that that children’s mathematical skills and understanding are best developed when they engage in practical experiences involving the use of equipment and visual aids, such as: bar models, place value counters, number lines and fraction walls.

There is great emphasis placed on children understanding the mathematics they are working on; not simply trying to remember rules and formulas. We believe that a good knowledge of addition and subtraction facts, times tables and value of numbers is vital in order to engage in the more complex maths that follows.

Children of all ages and abilities are provided with opportunities to explore and investigate mathematical problems. They are encouraged to work with each other to devise their own methods of solving problems and taught that ‘struggling’ is a positive state; it is when the deepest thinking and learning occur.


Progression in addition and subtraction at Holy Trinity

Progression in multiplication and division at Holy Trinity

Progression in fractions at Holy Trinity