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Welcome to Nursery!

Dear Parents / Carers,

Welcome to Nursery at Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School! We are so excited to have you here for a great year! Come and join us as we learn, laugh and make friends.

Remember to check twitter too for updates on what we are doing at 

 www.twitter.com/trinity_ashton  or www.twitter.com/JBNurseryHT  

If you need to contact the Nursery you can message at


or call in to see us after the children have left in the afternoon. 

Kindest Regards,

Mrs Binless & the Nursery team        


Welcome back and we hope you had a lovely break. This term we are continuing to  learn how to play in the different areas of the classroom and how to share the toys with our friends. 

Our topics will be Down on the farm, At the zoo and Summer holidays! We will listen to lots of stories, learn new songs and find out lots of new things! 




In Phonics, we will continuing learning Phase One. We will be exploring the different aspects including sound discrimination, rhythm and rhyme and alliteration. We will be listening out for the sounds we can hear in words, beginning to blend and segment. 



In Maths, we will be exploring numbers to 5. This includes recognising amounts without counting (subitizing), counting sets, recognising the numeral and we will be looking at shapes with different numbers of sides.