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Welcome to Nursery!

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Welcome to Nursery at Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School! We are so excited to have you here for a great year! Come and join us as we learn laugh and make friends.

Remember to check twitter too for updates on what we are doing each day at   www.twitter.com/trinity_ashton  or www.twitter.com/MissTesterHT  



It is very important to wash your hands, why not watch this fun video and wash your hands with baby shark?

We will be working from home for the next few weeks, you will be receiving packs to help support your children at home. Please check the website regularly as we will be updating it with stories and activities to further support the Nursery children while they are learning from home. If you need to contact the Nursery you can message at


or on twitter at



Kindest Regards,

Miss Tester

Week Beginning 25/01/2021

Let's sort and count with he video below.

Are you ready to count with Pete the Kitty?

Listen carefully, what zoo animals are making the sounds?

Are you ready to make some silly soup? Listen carefully,, can you hear the rhyming words?

This week in class we are listening to the story of the Runaway Iceberg. You can listen to the story at home, tell me what part of the story you like best.

Week beginning 18/01/21

Count the fish in the video and match them to the correct number.

We are so good at counting in Nursery! Can you count with Nemo in the video below.

Let's use our body to make some sounds!

We are such clever cookies, let's practice our phonics with the video below.

Watch a video of our Number Disco songs, sing along at home and practice counting forwards and backwards.

When you have finished singing the number songs why not listen to the story  Hide-a-saurus? The dinosaurs are playing hide and seek just like we do during outside play. Can you find all 10 dinosaurs?

Time to turn up your listening ears because we are going to play a listening game. Can you guess what animals are making the sounds in the video?

Green Challenge: Can you listen carefully and help Felix make the Silly Soup?

We have wonderful manners in Nursery, we use kind words every day. Let's sing some kind words every day this week. Sing along to the video below, I can't wait to hear you singing it when you come back to school.