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Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting our class page! 


Love Mrs Flanagan, Mrs Khanom and Mrs Mahmood.  x

Dear parents/ guardians. 

Please keep checking this page for updates whilst your child is off school during the corona virus pandemic. I will be uploading useful links and activities for your child to complete, as well as any other useful information I may have for you. 

See the table below for reference as to when certain activities for the week will be uploaded. Thank you. 

                               When will activities be uploaded? 
Monday Writing and phonics 
Tuesday Maths
Wednesday Science
Thursday Art, music, history or geography
Daily Useful links and added information




Remember to check our twitter pages too (see below!) and if you would like to send a photo in of what your child is getting up to at home, please tag me. I would LOVE to see.  





Remember our class motto year 2... just do your best and don't worry!  You are all amazing. 

Below are useful websites for you to access via a computer, laptop or tablet. Please remember to keep checking the list as I will be updating them on a regular basis. 

Useful websites:

 Useful websites.docxDownload
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Below is a '5 Minute Move' work out by Joe Wicks that you could do in the morning after your breakfast to wake yourselves up! In addition to this, he is also doing a 30 minute live broadcast each morning at 9am too. Tune in - it is fantastic! 

After a busy day of working hard with your family, why not unwind and relax by doing yoga? See below for a lovely video which links yoga moves with some popular children's narratives. 

Below are additional activities your child should complete during their home learning journey. They will be added accordingly (see timetable above for when certain subjects will be added). In addition to these activities, there are jobs that your child should be doing on a daily basis. These are:

Daily jobs (in addition to work uploaded)


  • Reading for 30 minutes, twice a day (why not make a reading den with your duvet and pillows?!)
  • TT Rock Stars  
  • Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s 
  • An interactive game for maths and phonics.. check out the 'useful websites' list!
  • Handwriting
  • Spellings (look in your red spelling book)



Maths activities:

 Week 2 Maths.docxDownload
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 Week 1 Maths .docxDownload
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Writing / Literacy activities:

 Week 2 writing.docxDownload
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 Week 1 writing.docxDownload
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Reading activities:

Click open the links below where you will be taken to a short passage or story. You will then have questions to answer to enhance your comprehension skills. 

 A Pirates Life For Me.pdfDownload
 A Postcard from Mo Farah Activity Card.pdfDownload
 A Scarecrows Job.pdfDownload
 Advice from a Dentist Activity Card.pdfDownload
 Dinosaur Egg Activity Card.pdfDownload
 Doctor's Orders Activity Card.pdfDownload
 Farmyard Babies.pdfDownload
 Female Pirates.pdfDownload
 Hide and Seek Activity Card.pdfDownload
 House for Sale Activity Card.pdfDownload
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Here are some books you can read with your family while we are off school. If there are any in particular that you have enjoyed reading, please let me know and we can look at them together once we are reunited!

Phonics activities:

 Week 2 phonics.docxDownload
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 Week 1 phonics.pdfDownload
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Science activities: 

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 Week 1 science.docxDownload
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Our current topic is "Living things and their habitats". Please click the button below for episode one on National Geographic. There are 10 episodes altogether and you can access them automatically after you have clicked on the link below. (If you open up Youtube, the other episodes will be to the right of episode 1). 

Task: watch the videos and design a poster about each video you watch. Think about what you could put on your poster. You could draw the animal, write about their features by using adjectives and expanded noun phrases and you could also include some interesting facts. I would love to see your posters - tag me on Twitter! www.twitter.com/MrsFlanaganHT 

Wow year 2, look who visited Mrs Flanagan's house! A huge eagle, a cheeky emperor penguin and a lovely little turtle! If you would like to have fun with the animals, your grown ups can type an animal into google then click "view in 3d". I would love to see who has visited your house... tag me on twitter! 

Art activities:

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 Week 1 art.docxDownload
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Mini project task.

Let's broaden your skills and learn a song in BSL (British Sign Language). I have found a really lovely song by one of our favourite artists, Bruno Mars, for you to learn. Once we are back in class, it is something that we could then learn together. Have fun learning it and if you would like to post a video of you practising with your family, please tag me on twitter.