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Welcome to the Year 6 page!

Class teacher:  Miss Quinn

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Ditta


Important Information for Class Dojo

Most of the children have now signed up for a pupil account which gives them direct access to any activities I set and also a place to submit their work online.  If your child hasn't, all they need to do is log into Class Dojo as a student and enter the pupil code.




School Closure Homework

This week's activities 30/03/20:


Welcome to the second week of home learning activities.  I've loved seeing your work on Class Dojo and I know lots of you will be doing your workbooks.  Keep up the hard work and stay safe.  I am missing you all very much!

Don't forget about TT Rockstars and Active Learn.  I will be checking to give Dojos to anyone who is practising. :)



This week we are going to be reading a new text called Reality.  It's a really fun text to echo read with lots of opportunities for you to use your echo reading performance voice.  There are a few tricky words in there but remember, you don't need to know the meaning of all of the words to understand what is happening.


1.  Complete the vocabulary activity below in the activities section.  If you don't have a dictionary at home, use the internet to help you.  Afterwards practise the meaning of the vocabulary.  You could make flashcards, write sentences or create a picture with the words in.  Don't forget to take a picture and add it to Class Dojo so I can see it!


2.  Read the text called Reality.  Think carefully about what is happening in the text and create a visualisation about it.  Underneath each picture, write some key notes about what is happening in your own words.  


3.  Echo read the last paragraph.  Remember to text mark it first and practise lots!  I will add it as a video entry on Class Dojo so if you are feel like performing you can share it on there. 


4.  Complete the questions about the text.




We are continuing our work on BODMAS this week.  I have made an activity for you.  Some of the questions were submitted by Year 6 pupils on Class Dojo.  Maybe you will be able to spot your own!  I have also included a quick Powerpoint just in case  you need a little recap of what we learnt in school.  Answers will up next Monday.




Well done to everyone who was able to submit their research on Passover last week.  Our next step is to find out how Jewish people celebrate Passover.  I've included a Powerpoint to give you a little information and an activity where I would like you to find out about the Seder plate.  Use the internet to research how Jewish people celebrate Passover and complete the Seder plate.  If you would like to make a poster or make your own Seder plate, take a picture and add it on Class Dojo.


I will continue to add more reading, writing and maths activities on Class Dojo so keep checking your portfolio.  If you are having trouble logging in, ask your parent to message me via the parent login.



Finding it tricky?


Practise your number bonds here:  





Can you solve this maths question? 





Can you use the picture (in the link below) to write some sentences?  Remember to concentrate on your full stops and capital letters.



Write sentences using your PAT or Toe by Toe words!  I have included some high frequency words to practise handwriting which can help with motor skills too!


 You can also practise your phonics online here:  https://www.phonicsbloom.com/


Motor Skills


https://www.jumpstart.com/parents/activities/fine-motor-skills-activities  This Website has great ideas on how to keep practising your fine motor skills at home.  

https://anywhereteacher.com/activities/games - Here are some online games for practising fine motor skills.






 BODMAS powerpoint.pptDownload
 Bodmas Questions.docxDownload
 Echo Reading Paragraph.docxDownload
 Echo Reading Reality.docxDownload
 High Frequency Words Handwriting.pdfDownload
 Passover Information.pptDownload
 Reality Questions.docxDownload
 Reality Visualisation Work.docxDownload
 Seder Plate Activity.docDownload
 Vocabulary Work for Echo Reading.docxDownload
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