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Welcome to the Year 6 page!

Class teacher:  Miss Quinn

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Ditta

Year 6

In Year 6, we are dedicated to prepare every child for transition to high school.  We work on building each child's confidence, aspirations and self-esteem.   Throughout the year, we will learn about the world around us and the role we have in our future.  We strive to develop a genuine love of reading and encourage children to discover their favourite types of books/magazines/authors in order to make reading enjoyable.  We read to each other frequently and share a class story every day.

Year 6 is an exciting year for the pupils and it can be challenging.  We work closely as a team to support each other and celebrate every achievement for every pupil.  We currently use Class Dojo to reward pupils on a daily basis for their behaviour and hard work.  Parents can access their child's account so they can find out how their child is getting on each school day.  Please see Miss Quinn or Mrs Ditta for parent login details.

Things to Remember



In preparation for transition to secondary school, homework will form a crucial part of Year 6 learning.  Over the course of the year, a range of homework will be given which will be closely related to what the children are studying in school. 

Weekly homework is due on a Tuesday.  The children will be given a homework diary where they can record any other tasks to help them stay organised. 



The children will be given a set of spellings on a weekly basis.  They can access these spellings online on Spelling Frame where they can listen to and practise their current spelling patterns.  There will be a test every Friday to check how the children are progressing.



Children are expected to read their colour banded reading book every day at home.  We recommend that they read for a minimum of ten minutes.  Once they have read, they need to complete their reading journal homework.  In their reading journal, they are expected to write a few short sentences to summarise what they have read.  It is essential that these sentences are written in their own words.  Their reading journal is a crucial part of their homework as it shows how well they understand the book they are currently reading.   

Their reading record must be signed by an adult who has read with them or listened to them read.  The records are checked daily and pupils are rewarded with stamps which earn them certificates. 

In addition to our school library, pupils have online access to a range of books through Active Learn.



Every Monday afternoon, we go to the swimming baths.  Your child will need to bring a towel and swimming costume with them.  On Thursday afternoon, we have P.E..  Your child will need to bring the correct P.E. uniform.  See below for a link to the correct uniform.

Holy Trinity Uniform Policy


Fruit Money

Children are provided with a piece of fruit daily.  Fruit money costs £1 per week and is collected on Monday mornings.  


In May 2020, the Year 6 children will sit national statutory tests in reading, grammar and mathematics.  In order to prepare for these, they will work through a revision program which will include completion of revision workbooks.  These books will be provided by the school but if they are lost there will be a charge for replacement copies.  Children may also be invited to attend extra booster lessons to help them achieve their very best on the tests.