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Welcome to Year 3

Good Morning Year 3. I hope you found time to complete your homework packs. I am looking forward to seeing how you got on.

The timetable for this week is below. Although it is organised into days you can take longer and spread it over the holidays. I've set you a writing task for literacy which I can not wait to read!

In your pack I have also included some extra activities to keep you busy so enjoy!

For those of you who may find some of the tasks challenging there are alternative activities in your packs.

WB: 11.05.20

Timetable for this week is below. Please for the very few children that have not activitated their accounts please could you scan the QR code sent in your packs last week.

For those of you who might find the work on the timetable challenging, there is a separate timetable in your pack.

WB: 4.05.20

Hope you have had a good weekend Year 3 and are ready to learn.

I have made a timetable for the  week which will hopefully help you to stay focused. Please make sure you take time out do the tasks set.

If you need help with anything, would like to ask questions about the tasks set or want me to look at something please email me at mrsahmedy3@outlook.com or send a message on Classdojo or Twitter.

In your packs I have included all the worksheets that you will need so there will be need for you to print anything.

For those of you who have not signed into class dojo I have included a unique parent code in your packs. Please make sure you log in as soon as possible.  If you are still having trouble please get in touch with me.

I will calling everybody to have a quick catch and to see how you are getting on at some point this week.



Reading twice a day for 15minutes


https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zqqsw6f/articles/zcb8k7h Watch the video and complete the mini-quizzes.

Poetry: Have fun learning a new poem and answering the questions. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zb2k8xs

Verbs:https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zfc2mfr Complete the online questions



TT Rockstars 20 minutes once a day


Week 2 lesson 3 - fractions of objects (2)

Week 2 lesson 4 - Fractions of objects (3)

Week 2 Lesson 5  - Equivalent fractions (1)



Choose a project from the activities provided. just click on the link below  https://www.accessart.org.uk/art-resources-for-home/


Food tech/PSHE

Bake a cake, make some soup, help prepare tea, do some gardening.

What can you do to help with the meals today?

Tuesday 21st April

Get Active

Tune into a workout this morning to get you ready for the day!



Week 2 Lesson 2 - Fractions of a set of objects (1) 



Complete the task on the classdojo page so that I can give you feedback.


Get everybody at home involved in this week's science task. See document below

Be sure to post on our Classdojo page.

* For those of you who have not yet managed to log on to Classdojo, a replacement password was sent out to you in a text message yesterday.

Click the link below and enter the code.


If you are still having problems please get in touch via email address below

email: Mrsahmedy3@outlook.com


 Science Week 1.docxDownload
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 The Robot.docxDownload
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Good Morning 3. I trust you had a good Easter break and are ready for the new term!

Remember to share your work and photographs to our Classdojo page its a fab way to share what we are doing!

For those of you who have still not logged into classdojo,  I will be sending out a new code one out today.


Monday 20th April


Wake up your brain with some morning yoga in preparation for your learning today.




Complete Week 2 lesson 1 - Fractions on a number line



Grammar Identifying different types of nouns. Download the document below.


 Types of Nouns Worksheet.pdfDownload
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Good morning Year 3  a fun science activity for you to try at home alongside your other task this week.

Be sure to let me know how you get on our classdojo page or twitter.

Keep up the good work and practicing you multiplication tables rock stars!

 Science Magic Arrow.docxDownload
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Make sure you sign in to classdojo as the code will expire by Wednesday 1pm.

I've updated your active learn accounts so please make sure you go on to read the books allocated.  Remember your user name and school code is in your monkey books.
Password - year3
no spaces all lower case


Do try to get some excercise join Joe Wicks in his workout! click the link below.



Below are 2 tasks for you to get on with today and tomorrow

Remember to include

  • Noun phrases 
  •   Adverbial phrases
  • Make sure you write in full sentences and include capital letters and full stops. 

Make sure you share your writing  on our classdojo page.  I'm  looking forward to reading your work.

Happy writing!


 Photo 3 descriptive writing.docxDownload
 The Drop off.docxDownload
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Hi Year 3, hope you are making the most of being at home.

Later on today your parents, will receive a text message with a code for our class page. Click on the link below and enter the code.


I will be putting on activities for you to do so that we can continue our learning even whilst at home


For now get on with the tasks  below. 

Enjoy,  missing you lots x


This week's work




Watch the videos and then try the activities.  If your finding it tricky why not try 

https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-2/ or  https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/

 and come back to these later.

lesson 1- Unit fractions

lesson 2- Making a whole

Lesson 3- Tenths

lesson 4 - Counting in tenths

Lesson 5 - Tenths as a decimal



spellingframe.com   Year 3-4 - rule 21 Homophones and near homophones


 spelling homophones and near homophones(1).docxDownload
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Welcome to Year 3


In Year 3, we aim to provide an engaging curriculum; allowing children to ask questions to develop their curiosity. Where possible, we aim to provide first hand experiences to enhance children's learning and develop language and oracy skills.



Mrs F Ahmed (Class Teacher)

Mrs Nield (TA 3)

Mrs Clegg (TA2) 


Year 3 have P.E every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. Please make sure your child has an indoor and outdoor P.E kit in school.  We encourage children to leave PE kits in school to prevent them forgetting or in case a change of clothes is required. 

Outdoor Kit:                                                                                Indoor Kit

black bottoms/leggings                                                               black shorts/leggings

red/white t shirt                                                                              red/white t shirt

outdoor trainers                                                                              pumps

warm jumper/fleece/hoodie                                                        


Your child will be  provided with a piece of fruit each day. We ask that you send in £1 each Monday towards the cost.


Your child will have a library and reading book issued from school. We encourage you to listen to them read each day and ask questions to promote understanding.  Alongside reading, your child will have number facts and spellings to learn each week.  Spending a little bit of time each night on these will really make a huge difference to your child's education.


Please see below an overview of the topics covered in Year 3. For more information on what we do please see the curriculum and policy pages.