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Year 5


Week beginning 30.3.20

Hello Year 5. I hope you are all well and are continuing to learn at home. Here are some tasks to be working on for the rest of this week. 


Writing (work on this all week)

Should deforestation be made illegal? Your task is to write the discussion text that we were planning before school closed. Use the links above to remind you of the arguments for and against and for some reminders about how a discussion should be written. Remember to include a balance of arguments for and against.

If you would like me to read and mark your discussion text, log on to classdojo.com using the code that has been sent to your parents via text message. Here you can upload your work for me to see. 

 deforestation FOR AGAINST ARGUMENTS THURS.pdfDownload
 Useful sentence starters for a discussion text.docxDownload
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Get that movie rolling in your head and using your echo reading voice, read 'The Beanstalk Giant' out loud. Text mark the words so that you are able to read them fluently - which words should be grouped together then followed by a pause? Which words should be emphasised? When you are happy that you have understood the text, have a go at answering the questions in your homework book. The answers are at the end but I am trusting you to have a go yourself before marking them - you are only cheating yourself if you peek!

Don't forget to take a photograph of your answers then and upload them to our class dojo page for me to see.

 The Beanstalk Giant Stage 4 Comp - Comprehension Pack (3).pdfDownload
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Use your equivalence understanding to complete the fraction challenges. Remember fractions also mean 'out of every.'

When ordering and comparing fractions, it might be helpful to convert one of the fractions so that they have a common denominator. Use the listing strategy here and think about the unifix towers that we made in class.

There is also a daily maths lesson that can be accessed here https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/

Have a look at the rounding decimals and ordering decimals lessons. You can print out questions to have a go at or you could answer them in your homework books. Don't worry too much about percentages as we haven't learnt about these yet. 

 Equivalent Fractions Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 order and compare fractions.pdfDownload
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 spanish body parts.pdfDownload
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Don't forget...

You all have lots of books to read, at your book band level, on Active Learn


Keep practising your times tables, lets see who will be in our top 5 this week!


Keep up to date with what is happening in the news


Take part in Joe Wicks' daily PE lesson ay 9am on his You Tube Channel, The Body Coach TV. 



Finally, I mentioned the idea of you guys writing a diary about life during the school closure. Not your daily activities (this could be boring whilst we're all stuck indoors!) but more about how you are feeling, the stories in the news, what family life is like with you all at home together. I'd love to read these when we're back at school.


Keep safe everyone x










Year 5 is an extremely important and exciting year for your child. The focus in Upper Key Stage Two is on helping pupils to become more independent, more organised and ready for the next stage in their education. Please come to see us if you ever have any questions; our door is always open!



Class teacher:  Mrs Hockey

Teaching assistant:  Mrs Davies

Additional support staff: Mrs Morris and Mrs Nixon



It is essential that your child reads AT LEAST 3 times per week to help them develop their reading fluency and understanding. Some home reading may be independent but please listen to your child read out loud regularly. Having an audience really encourages children to practise their reading fluency and gives a purpose for reading.

You must sign your child's reading record each time they read to show your support in this. The reading record book is a useful link between home and school so please keep an eye out for messages from me in there!

As part of their reading homework, each child will be expected to write a short summary sentence and a wonder question or observation about their book. The children will be given plenty of guidance on how to complete this homework in class.

As well as our school library collection, all our colour band books are available online at www.activelearnprimary.co.uk

Your child knows how to access this from home.



Spellings will be given out each week and your child will have a test every Friday.  To help your child improve their spelling ability, please practise them daily.  Your child can access their spellings and practise independently at https://spellingframe.co.uk/


Times Tables

Your child should know all their times tables and division facts. Being able to use these facts is so important for all areas of maths.  Your child will have a times tables test every week.  To help them prepare, please practise with them or give them time to use https://ttrockstars.com/.   



Monday: swimming

Wednesday / Thursday: PE

Swimming kit

You must provide your child with a swimming costume or swim shorts and a towel in an appropriate bag. Please note, loose shorts are not allowed.

PE kit

You must provide your child with the correct PE kit. It is helpful if this is kept in school; all items must be named. Please make sure that, as the weather changes, you provide a plain zip up jacket or jumper for PE as we may take lessons outside. We will not go outside for PE if it is raining. Please refer to the uniform policy  for more information.


Fruit money

Fresh fruit is provided daily at play time for all children at a cost of £1 per week. We collect fruit money every Monday morning so please make sure that you keep up to date with this.