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Year 5

Welcome to all of our new Year 5 pupils!

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Welcome the the Year 5 class page.  On this page, you can find out all you need to know about the Year 5 routine, expectations and homework.  Year 5 is an extremely important and exciting year for the children. As they are now in upper Key Stage 2, our focus is to improve their independence, organisation and confidence in preparation for the next steps in their education.  



Class Teacher:  Miss Quinn

Teaching Assistant:  Miss Ditta



In Year 5, each child will be given their own homework diary which will help them become more organised and prepare for the coming week.  Any passwords for online programmes will be written at the back of their homework diaries. 



Reading is exceptionally important for the children and in Year 5 we will be focusing a lot on reading for pleasure.  We want to ensure each child finds an author they love to set them off on their own reading journey.  This year, we are planning trips to our local library to help the children explore a range of books.


It is essential that the children read every night to help them develop their reading skills and they will need their reading record signed to show that they have done so.  Each child will have a colour band reading book which is specific to their reading level.  However, the children can read newspapers, magazines, comics or even online each night.  To help make reading special for the children, we would love for the children to have at least one opportunity a week to read to an adult or older sibling at home.  Having an audience really encourages the children to practise their fluency and can make the experience more enjoyable for the more reluctant readers.


Every morning, a few children will be selected for reading performance.  Reading performance is an opportunity for the children to share what they have been reading with the rest of the class.  As part of their reading homework, each child will be expected to write a short summary sentence and a wonder question or observation about their book.  The children will be given plenty of guidance on how to complete this homework in the first few weeks of September.


As well as our extensive library collection, all our colour band books are available online at www.activelearnprimary.co.uk



Spellings will be given out each week and the children will have a test every Friday.  To help your child improve on their spellings, please practise them daily.  The children can access their spellings also practise independently at https://spellingframe.co.uk/

Times Tables

Multiplication and division facts are at the core of the maths curriculum.  Being able to use these facts, creates a strong foundation for other areas of maths learning.  Your child will have a times tables test every Tuesday.  To help them prepare, please practise with them or give them time to use https://ttrockstars.com/.



Your child will have swimming lessons every Monday.  This year will be their last opportunity in school time to achieve their badges. It is important that they leave primary school able to swim 25 metres. Children will also have P.E. every Thursday and each child needs the appropriate kit.  Please refer to the uniform policy to ensure your child has packed the correct P.E. uniform.


The children will be given a copy of their homework expectations which you can see here Year 5 homework and responsiblities 2018.docx. 


Here we have added in our weekly timetable and a plan of our topics for the coming Year: